Horse owners and product reviewers alike praise the Alzoo collar for its extraordinary efficacy to repel insects for three full weeks  with all-natural herbal ingredients!   

Polo photos: Robert Piper – HPC London Polo Club, UK

For example, at Intelligent Horsecare they’ve said, “We have used these collars for several years now and find them to be 80-90% effective, which is the same comparable effectiveness as some of the most expensive natural spray-on fly repellents.”  And without the spray-on drawbacks!  

(Read the whole review here.)

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	mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}    THE ALZOO HERBAL COLLAR; - Natural treatment for flies, mosquitos, horseflies, gadflies, midges   - For horses, ponies, donkeys and miniatures   - Repels pests at least 3 weeks   - Waterproof and sweatproof - Comfortably worn around the neck   - Popular in the Southern U.S., Europe, West Africa, and other warm climates    .  

- Natural treatment for flies, mosquitos, horseflies, gadflies, midges

- For horses, ponies, donkeys and miniatures
- Repels pests at least 3 weeks
- Waterproof and sweatproof
- Comfortably worn around the neck

- Popular in the Southern U.S., Europe, West Africa, and other warm climates


Horses like it, insects won’t. 

  • Here’s the natural way to give your horse significant relief from warm-weather pests. Comfortably secured, it keeps releasing its natural aroma -- even when wet -- for at least 3 weeks. A pleasurable alternative to irritating, short-lived sprays and other topical applications. 
  • Over time, the active ingredients migrate over the animal’s body, forming an evaporative “halo” of protection around horse and rider -- without discouraging social grooming. 
  • There’s nothing to “maintain.” Just fasten it, forget it, and find freedom from so many pests.  


The Alzoo collar works for at least three weeks, and its effectiveness won’t be washed away by rain or sweat.

The secret is in the encapsulation technology of the collar’s special polymer material. It’s a “smart plastic.” The ingredients are bonded within the entire collar’s molecular structure, for slow release over time. This controlled-release effectiveness lasts 3 full weeks.

No maintenance, nothing to add, nothing in the way. Just loosely fasten it and enjoy major relief from annoying insect pests, continuously. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the active herbal ingredients?
A: Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, lavandin oil, and geraniol – all are natural herbal essential oils.

Q: How do I know collar is still working?
A: Observe your horse. Its ingredient release rate is unaffected by sweat and water, but is increased by heat. Tests have indicated that it can be effective for up to 4-5 weeks, but because temperature conditions vary greatly worldwide, we conservatively estimate at least 3 weeks after the package is opened. To assist in quality control, each package carries a lot number. Shelf life of the unopened package is three years.

Q: How do I open the package?
A: The product is double-sealed to preserve its repellent qualities. We suggest using strong scissors or a utility knife on a firm, stable surface.

Q: What insects does the Alzoo Herbal Collar for Horses protect against?
A: It is effective against flies, mosquitos, horseflies, gadflies, midges. Users and editorial reviewers have stated that it also discourages ticks, but we have not tested against those. Independent tests have verified its efficacy in controlling flies.

Q: Does water reduce the collar’s effectiveness?
A: No. The collar is impervious to water and is resistant to the horse’s sweat. When exposed to air, it releases its effective ingredients in a controlled manner. The active ingredient migrates over the entire body of the horse, and by evaporation it forms a halo that protects both the horse and rider. Flowing water (as from a hose) can partly “wash away” the migration effect, which resumes once the flow of water stops.  

Q: Is the collar 100% effective?
A: No repellent is 100% effective, and the effect will be greater nearer the collar. The collar is therefore particularly effective around the face and eyes.

Q: You say the ingredients “migrate” after released from the collar. How do they taste to other horses in social grooming?
A: Topical sprays and liquids can be distasteful to horses. But with our collar’s essential herbal oils, there appears to be no inhibition to social grooming.

Q: How does the collar fasten?
A: Place the collar around the neck of the horse as a throatlatch and about 4” down from the Poll. Adjust the collar for a snug fit but do not overtighten. Allow for two holes in the collar as an overlap. Line the holes up, take one of the four plastic rivets and push it through the first overlap hole from the reverse side, take another rivet, line up the prongs so that they fit into the spaces of each other and squeeze together to make a firm connection against the collar. Repeat the process in the other overlap hole. Clip off any extra portion of the collar and save for use in the stall to provide added protection. The collar is designed to come apart safely if the horse gets snagged on a fence or tree.

Q: Where can I get the Alzoo Herbal Collar for Horses?
A: It’s carried by tack shops and various other retailers in many countries. If not available near you, reach out to us through our "contact us" form, and we’ll let you know how to obtain it.

Q: Can I buy it online?
A: Yes, please go to the home page and press the buy button and we can ship directly to you


Exclusive Biotechnology from AB7

Alzoo products are manufactured in France by AB7 Industries, a specialist in biotechnology since 1972.  The exclusive BornWith® molecular formation that makes the Alzoo Herbal Collar for Horses so effective and long-lasting was developed in AB7’s own state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facilities.

The Alzoo collar is used with great satisfaction by horse owners on six continents. (And the satisfaction of their horses!) 

The Alzoo Herbal Collar for Horses is marketed in various countries by Hackamore Inc.  Hackamore is also the exclusive U.S. importer of AB7 Industries’ Dr. Rechell products for people, featuring the Dr. Rechell mosquito-repellent bracelet.

To learn about and Hackamore Inc. and Alzoo marketing opportunities, contact us and click for this Product Profile.


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Product Efficacy and Considerations

By Nuala C. Galbari

Photography, David L. Justis, M.D., Ph.D.

In an effort to improve protection against insect bites during turnout or while seeking, safe, viable alternatives for insect control, our barn manager informed us of an insect repellent collar that we might consider trying on our horses. The facility where we board our three horses comprises a total population of over 100 horses at any given time, and many different products are utilized by horse owners to help protect again insects, some effective, others less so. While no fly spray systems are used in this facility, fly predators are employed and are effective in keeping insect populations down.

We tested the Alzoo collar on a group of 24 horses with ages ranging from 5 years to 30 years. This group of horses are stalled during the high heat (eight hours) and turned out during the evening and overnight (16 hours). Overall, we have had strong results in the stall board group of horses, varying results in the pasture board group. Other considerations in using the collar are discussed below.

Of the 24 horses fitted with the collars about one month ago, 20 collars are still in place and appear to work well. In addition to placing a collar on each horse, most of us have used additional repellent (spray or other application) around the hind quarters and legs for added protection.

While no product can completely cover the spectrum of irritating insects, the collars offers approximately 60 per cent protection, repelling flies, horse flies, mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers and other biting insects, and are somewhat helpful in repelling ticks (the company reports the collar is not tested on ticks).

Notably, although I have seen the odd bite on my horses -- mostly in the hind-quarters -- and an occasional tick, the collar efficiently repels insects from the horse’s ears, head, neck, chest and back, and its herbal ingredients appear to have a calming effect on the horses. Efficacy weakens after three weeks, so it is important to replace the collar between the third and fourth weeks.

During two controlled independent studies, veterinary groups reported up to 80 percent reduction in the number of flies and other insects affecting horses. Results varied with temperature, terrain, and weather, and both groups reported that the repellent collar yielded satisfactory and acceptable results in controlling fly populations.

In our own general study, (location, southeast Virginia, U.S.), the collars provided up to 60 per cent protection for stabled horses, i.e., horses that are stabled, with high velocity fans in their stalls, during high heat from 8 AM until 4 PM and turned out overnight. Results varied for pasture board horses, whose populations are outside 24/7 near denser wooded areas with lakes or standing water nearby. It should also be noted that we have experienced a very wet spring in Virginia, with particularly heavy insect populations and extreme mosquito activity for this time of year.

The collar provides protection for the horse’s head, neck, chest and back. We have found it necessary to add repellent on the horse’s underbelly, croup and legs. There has been a notable reduction in head shaking and irritation to ears and eyes since we applied the collars to horses in the study group and few, if any, hives have been detected on the horses to date.

A few of the collars have been removed, either by a horse scratching on a tree trunk, or another horse having pulled a collar off during play or grooming. The product is designed to break away safely under such circumstances and due to its orange color, it can quite readily be found in pastures. However, the fasteners may not easily be found. It is recommended that additional fasteners be used with collars (suggested three fasteners on each collar) for more security.

The collars also help to protect riders against insects, while mounted or working near their horses. Additionally, riders can trim a small, extra piece of the collar (after fitting it correctly to their horses) and affix it to their helmets or belts, as added protection.

The collars retail for approximately $16.99 and should be replaced monthly. Active ingredients include natural herbal essential oils and comprise Melaleuca lternifolia leaf oil, lavandin oil and geraniol and do not harm other horses coming into contact with them during grooming or play. Additionally, we have not seen any irritation or rub marks as a result of using the collars, which can be worn 24/7 and during riding or other activities. The collars are effective in high heat and wet weather conditions, providing a protective shield even during sweating and hard work.

In conclusion, the Alzoo collars offer strong, overall protection for horses, especially when combined with another safe, natural repellent that can be applied to the hind-quarters on the croup and legs. Vigilance is still required when checking for ticks, especially around the dock area, but the collars offer a safe, effective alternative to toxic, chemical sprays and no negative effects have been noted on any of the horses.

 Customer Reviews

Yesterday, I noticed my gelding had a lot of flies on him and some bites and then I checked out my mare and she only had 1 fly on her. So I sprayed both of them and noticed that the gelding didn't have his collar on. I found it in his pasture and he must have rubbed it off--not sure how long he was without it a difference the collar makes!

The collar came off because I could only secure it with one connector and it was in a makeshift opening I cut with my knife, making it a weaker spot. So I reattached the collar but it is a little tighter than I think it should be. He has quite a large throatlatch!

I'm thinking when I get the next collar, I will cut a piece off the old one to extend the length so I can use the extra connector.

Also, this is the first year I don't have flies all over my cats' feed bowls because I put the pieces I cut off my mare's collar next to the bowls and it keeps the flies away! Nothing I had tried in the past had helped with this disgusting situation.

A long note to say ...... THANKS for the awesome collars!!!!

-Linda Roy


We are using the collar on 2 of our horses and feel they are working. We would like to possibly retail them to our clients.

-Neuse River Veterinary Hospital


We are a veterinary clinic in Fort Myers, FL and one of our clients use your products. We were wondering if your company has a wholesale price for veterinary clinics or retailers? Please let us know at your earliest convenience as we have heard great things about your product.

-Hillary Jacobs


I loved them and they appear to last longer than stated. I've told many of my horse friends and my farrier plans to purchase some. I too am getting ready to order more.

-Stalter's Farm


I fitted my boys with the collars and they immediately went from being frantic with flies to being calm and just doing a little tail swishing! That, in itself, was a great relief. When I left at dusk, they were galloping around happily with ears forward. A great first day. The line started to form for the collars, so I imagine we will have good sales. I sold six of them today, so I'll need another box soon and will contact you.

-Nuala C. Galbari